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About Us

Wesay gaming is the best solution for player to find right gamers & have high quality teammates service. Easy pay and easy play is top rate. All your information is protected. Money cash out is life-time protected. Wesay providing the best quality service to our customers and partners. We are searching more and more wide corporate team. Make sure our users to have better and better benefits.

WeSay Gaming is a Bay area startup team created App which allows gamers to search other rank gamers for better online multiplayer experiences. We help gamers to discover others to play with online, and overall improve a users gaming experience. This is achieved by connecting gamers of similar skill, playstyle, and more.

Our mission:
In the course of operation, the company adheres to the marketing concept of "suitable products, moderate price, high quality service", and focuses on the development, production, sales and service of the instrument computer software. Since its inception, the company has adhered to market change oriented development of all kinds of metrological testing, testing instruments and computer software in different categories. At present, hundreds of instruments and functions have been formed, and three categories and dozens of measuring and testing software have been developed. It is a new hi-tech company with relatively fast development, relatively complete product and extensive service sales network. The company's group development makes the company have a perfect service team of pre-sale, sale and after sale. At the same time, it also has the development potential of product series technical service centers.